Acoustics in hotels and restaurants

Guests of restaurants and pubs often complain about poor acoustics. When we spend an evening eating and drinking out with friends, the conversation at the table basically forms the 'main course'. When the acoustic properties of the room are poor, conversations will be disturbed, spoiling the 'main course'. Delicious food and drink, enjoyable company and a comfortable setting aren’t always enough to conceal this problem. Enjoyment and relaxation will be far off!

Acoustics : the ambiance creator in the hospitality industry

Noise in restaurants has multiple origins: the tinkling of cutlery, crockery and glasses, the movement of chairs, sounds from the kitchen, etc. That is not all, of course. The guests also talk to each other. Every guest will have to talk louder and louder in order to be heard by their friends or family. The voices of the guests will have to engage in a battle against the other conversations and the other ambient noise. Peace and quiet will be far away! It is no surprise that the guests are tired at the end of the evening and will think twice before they return. Your employees will not be at ease as well and feel stressed.

Elegant solutions for your establishment

We are convinced that you make a big effort to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests, but please don’t forget the acoustics. COUST has got solutions for every room. They are carefully designed to diminish noise and resonance levels efficiently. That’s not all: we also pay attention to the style and design of the room and customise our different kinds of panels (ceilings, walls, etc.) to match your establishment. Have a look below at some of the restaurants and hotels where peace has been restored by our efforts.

This is but a small selection of projects, feel free to ask for more references.

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Some projects in hotels and restaurants

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