Hove van Herpelgem

Hove van Herpelgem

The problem

Hove van Herpelgem is the name of wonderfully renovated castle grounds in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. Gilles Van Hendse and his team remodelled the old castle to become a unique location, where large groups up to 500 individuals can gather to experience a magical and unforgettable day. Only the best was good enough not only for the services they provide, but for their location as well: superior materials, stunning lighting, enormous glass areas…. In short: a really impressive, enchanting setting.

Lots of beautiful glass areas are a detriment to a room’s acoustics. The sound of the partying people would have been amplified to a deafening roar. Gilles Van Hende decided that the acoustics had to be absolutely optimized to avoid this. He contacted COUST, and we provided the solution that this truly magnificent property deserved. 

Our solution

Halls with a deafening reverberation time of 3 seconds were transformed into acoustically pleasant areas. The immense chandeliers, lighting, built-in audio speakers and sensors were already present. COUST managed to offer an exceptional tasteful solution by installing COUSTceilings (ceiling panels) measuring 25 meters in length. Furthermore, the large ceiling panels 7 meters above the majestic stairs required some effort and ingenuity, but everything was finished perfectly and delivered on time. Several ceiling panels were installed between the roof’s trusses on the sloping walls.

Thank you for the positive cooperation! You can definitely use this project as a reference!

Gilles Van Hende - Hove Van Herpelgem


Both acoustically as well as visually, COUST’s solutions hit the mark. De client was very pleased with our accomplishment, he mentioned us twice in the event venue’s opening speech. A very pleasant collaboration for a magnificent property by two parties for whom “only the best is good enough”.

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