Acoustics in public spaces

We frequently detect reverberation in large public spaces such as foyers, entrance halls, council halls, reception areas, etc. The large and high ceilings and hard and smooth surfaces reflect the sound of footsteps and conversation back into the room. The volume of each conversation will constantly increase in order to drown out the other conversations. As a result, an unpleasant atmosphere will be experienced in an area that is supposed to be welcoming.

Acoustics in public spaces

The reduction of reverberation levels will increase intelligibility. This is accomplished by putting sound-absorbing materials at the right places. We create a confidential atmosphere in which people can talk without drowning each other out. The visitor will most likely still experience a bustle in such a public area, but at least in a pleasant atmosphere.

Optimum acoustics in public spaces

We’ve successfully solved poor acoustics in council halls, town halls, reception areas, foyers, among others. Every room requires a unique solution. We can offer such a solution, firstly, because of our custom-made products. Secondly, we have different kinds of products, wall panels, ceiling panels, baffles and others. Depending on the situation one or the other, or a combination of them will be used. These products are also made by paying attention to the aesthetic wishes of the manager. Have a look below at some of our projects for public spaces.

This is but a small selection of projects, feel free to ask for more references.

Some projects in public spaces

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