Office acoustics

Do not give poor office acoustics a chance! Indeed, good office acoustics are very important: research shows that our concentration and productivity increase by 30 % in a calm workplace.

Office acoustics

Unfortunately, offices often have acoustic problems. Walls and ceilings reflect the noise of talking colleagues, which causes disturbing reverberations. Moreover, these reflections often result in a lack of speech privacy. Whether it is a small office or an open-plan office, a call centre or a broker’s office: poor acoustics are a nuisance.

That is why it is necessary for office acoustics to be optimised by installing sound absorbing panels.

A custom-made acoustic solution for every office

Our acoustic panels can improve acoustics in any office. We provide damping solutions for every situation: our acoustic wall and ceiling panels take away reverberations, while our desk screens and partition walls provide the necessary speech privacy. This way, we create optimal acoustics in every office.

Below, you can read about projects we did for people who asked us to improve their office acoustics.

This is but a small selection of projects, feel free to ask for more references.

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Some projects in office acoustics

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