Prestigious lawyer's office

Prestigious lawyer's office

The problem

This prestigious, international lawyer’s office is situated in a stately, historic building in Brussels. Unfortunately, the hard materials and large dimensions of the impressive entrance hall and the majestic stairwell created a serious problem of echo. The receptionist had a hard time working in this beautiful yet chilly room, and it did not really allow giving the customers a warm welcome.

The customer was very clear about this job: only the best would be good enough. He demanded top quality and perfect finishing. Furthermore, the utmost caution had to be exercised when working in this building, since it was elaborately decorated with marble panels, historic mural paintings and antique lamps. Hence, COUST was the obvious choice for the job.

Our solution

First, we installed two panels (COUSTwalls) that each covered an entire wall in the entrance hall. Next, we installed ceiling panels (COUSTceilings). This had to be done very carefully. In close consultation with the electrician, we also determined how the antique lighting would have to be reinstalled after the works.


The most challenging part was the stairwell. We installed a panel on each step of the winding stairs. This meant that we had to erect scaffolding multiple times on the stairs. In addition, the entire installation had to be completed within a short time span, during the closing hours of the office. Our team of six skilled craftsmen got the job done during a long weekend. And what about the customer? He saw, and listened, and concluded that the result was downright excellent.

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