Acoustics in your home

Reverberation in your home can be very irritating. In a contemporary open plan house, in which the dining room, kitchen and living room are combined into one, sound has free rein. It reverberates throughout the entire room limiting intelligibility. The sound of playing children in the living room easily disrupts the cosines of a nice dinner with friends.

Acoustics in your home

Poor acoustics are caused by the presence of hard materials (concrete, glass, steel, etc.). Firstly, these materials don’t absorb the sounds, but reflect it back. Secondly, the hard materials are everywhere due to the minimalistic interior design of houses. Houses don’t have a lot of furniture or fabric anymore. Furniture and fabric are made out of soft materials, so they can absorb a portion of the ambient noise. However, the presence of little furniture and fabric will increase the level of reverberation and not reduce it. Ambient noise is not only a problem in such houses, but also in renovated houses where the walls have been plastered anew.

A fitting solution for your home

We offer different solutions to improve the acoustics in your home. Our products are incorporated into your interior. The customer can also use our products as a design feature. For instance, they can choose to have a wall panel with a picture on it. The customers can choose the picture from their own photograph collection or an internet database. The only prerequisite is that the picture has a decent quality. We also adjust our products to suit the room’s practical needs, for instance the ceiling panels will be accommodated to the lighting already there. Have a look below at some of our residential projects. You’ll certainly find inspiration for a custom-made solution for your home.

This is but a small selection of projects, feel free to ask for more references.

Some residential projects

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