Private client Rijmenam

Private client Rijmenam

The problem

This nice, sleek residence was built in the middle of Rijmenam’s forests. The beautiful environment sparks the imagination, and the occupants wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. They installed some large glass areas that enabled a great amount of light to come in the room and that offered an unobstructed view of the outside. However, these large glass areas disable good acoustics, while enabling lots of sound reflections and thus reverberation. Both the dining area as well as the open kitchen were in need of an acoustic solution. COUST to the rescue!

Our solution

Installing some wall- or ceiling panels in this residence “just like that”, was no option. The house is decorated with a clear eye for detail and has a sleek design. A flashy printed image or other distinctive elements would clash with the existing interior. Because of this, we dealt with the acoustic problem by installing a couple of inconspicuous acoustic panels, perfectly integrating our products into the existing spaces.  Fortunately, our COUST-assortment is perfectly suitable to accomplish such tasks.


We installed an COUSTceiling of approximately 4 m² above the dining table for optimum sound absorption, when one sits at the table together: very efficient!

Subsequently, in the dining area we had to install approximately 15 m² of our acoustic materials. We resolved the reverberation by installing an COUSTpanel above the fireplace furniture and a large COUSTwall of 480 by 260 cm above the sash windows. This COUSTwall was seamlessly installed from top to bottom and from the left to the right side on the present wall. A stunning result! The client was very satisfied and proud, with pleasure, he allowed our photographer to take some pictures of the result.

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