Townhouse Ixelles

Townhouse Ixelles

The problem

By the end of 2017, the proprietors of a magnificently renovated townhouse contacted us. They had already lived there for quite some time, but they couldn’t enjoy their home fully. Why not? The numerous sound reflections on the high ceilings and plastered walls was the culprit. It’s a common problem in renovated residences and new buildings. We have accumulated a lot of experience in solving this problem. The tasteful design of this residence required an inconspicuous integration of our products into the existing interior. Such a project fits us like a glove.

Our solution

In the living room, we installed 15 m² of our acoustic materials in order to reduce the reverberation time from 1,2 seconds to the ideal reverberation time of 0,8 seconds. To accomplish this, we had to take into account the original architecture of the property: we worked between decorative frames and removed some rosettes in the middle of the ceilings. This way, it was easy to put the electric cables of the lighting through our panels, and to provide our client with a seamless execution and result. In the kitchen, we brought the reverberation time of 1 second down to 0,8 seconds.

We are definitely pleased with the professional approach of the installation. The result in the dining room (where the largest surface was installed) is stunning and very nice.

Private client - Ixelles


Above the dining table – an efficient location to absorb sound – we installed an acoustic ceiling panel (COUSTceiling) between the mouldings. We removed the original rosette in the middle of the ceiling, and we put the electric cables of the stunning ceiling lights through our panel.  Beside the hearth, we installed an additional, smaller COUSTceiling. The acoustic ceiling panel above the kitchen island was also modified to include three places to put electric cables for the lighting through. A beautiful example of our work method: high quality combined with a superior finish, perfectly integrated into the existing interior.

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