The problem

COUST contributed to a prestigious project from MLOZ in Anderlecht, in cooperation with office designer Anbico and property consultant Colliers International. In agreement with the architects, the yet to be installed acoustic solutions were determined, and the necessary adaptations to our products to put the electricity through, and the fastening materials were discussed. In 16 meeting rooms, the acoustics had to be improved in an unobtrusive, but ingenious manner. And the vast lobby also needed an acoustic modification, due to the poor intelligibility at the reception desk.   

Our solution

We decided to install 1 COUSTwall (an on-site manufactured acoustic wall) in every meeting room with some modifications in order to be able to put the electricity through. Afterwards, it had to be possible for a TV to be installed on every wall panel. The client opted for an COUSTwall of 13 meters with an interesting printed image in a concrete look, behind the reception desk in the lobby. Invisible to the naked eye, several small mounting blocks were implemented below this printed image, so that afterwards, brackets among others could still be appended. Our professionals skilfully assimilated the door, the raised skirting boards and cut-outs into the wall panel.


Due to this smooth cooperation between experts, we have proven ourselves yet again to several new clients, all pleased with the result.

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