Accent Oudenaarde

Accent Oudenaarde

The problem

Accent Jobs is an HR-company with over 230 offices throughout Belgium. The company requested our assistance in order to improve the acoustics of their Technical Office in Oudenaarde. This magnificent office is after all located in one of the recent lofts in the city centre, having an industrial nature and little decoration. Hence, a classic situation with a lot of irritating reverberations.  

Our solution

The measurement of the reverberation time showed a result of 1,8 seconds. This means that every sound lingers for 1,8 seconds throughout the entire room, until it completely fades out. In an office with a presence of at least 4 people, who conduct interviews with possible applicants and who call a lot of people, these factors create an infernal noise, amplified by the high level of reverberation. Mutual intelligibility and the ability to concentrate are impaired. An acoustic solution was very urgent.

I have already witnessed the result, and admiration is in order! In terms of acoustics too, there are no complaints at the office anymore.

Judith Messine - Accent Oudenaarde


We listened to the needs of our client, and in agreement it was decided to assemble 6 wall panels (COUSTpanels) with a printed image. Since it involves a rental property, these specific panels have the benefit of being appended to the wall by means of a wall bracket, and in this way, they can be easily detached from the wall and taken along to the new office. These 6 COUSTpanels of 300 by 200 cm were covered with a smooth and seamless fabric that contained a printed image, given to us by the marketing department of Accent. We attained a reverberation time of 1 second. A huge difference, both acoustically as well as aesthetically speaking!

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