Caenen Bank & Insurances

Caenen Bank & Insurances

The problem

The bank and insurance office Marcel Caenen can be found in the county of Limburg at a hair’s breadth of the border with the Netherlands, and very near to Oud-Rekem (voted as the most beautiful village of Flanders in 2008). A classy and sleek design with attention to detail.  We were contacted to improve the acoustics in several rooms: the meeting rooms, separate offices, the entrance and lastly the reception room. A high reverberation time wasn’t the only problem, especially speech privacy was a concern. The counter of the entrance hall was not separated from the reception room, and for this reason, if the four advisers had a conversation with a client at the same time, the lingering noise made it impossible to follow this conversation for all parties.

Our solution

We advised our client what needed to be done and afterwards, we installed our solution with a 100% warranty. In the entrance hall, we installed a ceiling panel (COUSTceiling), aligned with the cut-out in the ceiling. This was sufficient to reduce the level of reverberation. The COUSTceiling that was installed in the reception room, perfectly aligned with the refrigerating unit, gives a radiant look to the room. Since there had been a problem with speech privacy, we developed special partition walls (COUSTscreens) with an indentation, in order to fit them perfectly to the existing desks in between the four advisers. Behind the counter, an additional standing COUSTscreen was installed to complete our mission. In the offices of the Caenen brothers, at the other desks, and in the meeting rooms, all acoustic problems concerning reverberation and negative sound reflections were fixed by means of our wall panels (COUSTpanels).

The installation of the acoustic panels ran smoothly. Your employees delivered good work. The acoustics are improved significantly. The colour of the panels is perfect as well and enhances the desk’s look (especially the central area). We have received positive reactions from our clients. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation.

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The client was extremely pleased and praised the flawless installation and the perfect acoustic result. Very nice to be informed by the client himself, that he has perceived the change of the acoustic situation in the rooms!  

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