Hardy's industries

Hardy's industries

The problem

Hardy’s Industries has an office in a beautiful new building with a sleek look, due to many hard materials such as glass and concrete. The offices with an industrial look were furnished with designer furniture in several kinds of nice colours. Everything seemed to be in order, except for the acoustics. Both the CEO’s office as well as the separate offices suffer from a high level of reverberation. The reception desk as well as the two meeting rooms required a solution in order to deal with the hollow sounds in the room. COUST knew how and started by measuring the reverberation time.

Our solution

The largest office required the largest amount of m² of absorption material. We installed an COUSTceiling above the desk and aligned it nicely with the already existing lighting. Another acoustic wall panel with a printed image was installed here to attain the necessary amount of m² of absorption material. The large meeting room’s reverberation problem was solved by installing an COUSTwall of 10 m² with a printed image. This beautiful printed image illustrates the high-quality that sublimation printing offers. In the various smaller offices as well as in the reception area, another wall panel with a printed image (COUSTpanel) adorned the wall.

We are very pleased with the cooperation. Perfect assembly team (very friendly, neat and polite), precise timing and smooth cooperation! Both the professional approach during the guidance and the completion of the project was outstanding. The proposed solutions completely satisfied our wishes, the result was amazing. Our gratitude for the service and the products! We will definitely not neglect to recommend you to others.

Réginald Hardy - Hardy's Industries


We made a good impression by removing the annoying reverberations as well as by introducing a couple of eye-catchers into the interior, gaining an immensely satisfied customer. A wonderful compliment to our entire team!

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