Chip shop Maurice

Chip shop Maurice

The problem

Chip shop Maurice has been a household name in and around Hoeselt for over 50 years. It’s more than just a simple chip shop: they serve the Flemish classics and stand for honest and quality cuisine at democratic prices. In the summer of 2017, the new owners decided to give the business a modern look. After the renovation, however, they noticed that the present reverberation didn’t allow the clients to enjoy their visit to the fullest. A solution was urgently required here.

Our solution

Our expert recommended to solve the problem by reducing the original reverberation time from 1,3 seconds to 0,7 seconds. This would require approximately 20 m² of our absorbing materials. The proprietors chose for a couple of wall panels (ARTpanels) with tasteful printed images. In order to guarantee sufficient absorption material, a large ceiling panel (ARTceiling) was also installed in the same colour as the ceiling.


The reverberation time in Chip Shop Maurice is now 0,7 seconds as promised. The customers can fully enjoy each other’s company and can have animated conversations once again. Chip shop Maurice is full of fun again!

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