Restaurant Vreedehof

Restaurant Vreedehof

The problem

In the beautiful environment of the villa district Heide in Waasmunster, you’ll find the restaurant Vreedehof (EN: Peace Garden). For 20 years, this restaurant has been an established name among cyclists and hikers, who come to relax with a well-deserved beer or coffee. However, there is a downside to this popularity: the noise of the many customers in the dining room and the porches forced the owner to contact us for a solution. And rightly so: a reverberation time of 1 second was measured in the large hall, at the back porch an even higher reverberation time of 1,5 seconds was recorded.

Our solution

We decided to aim for a reverberation time of 0,7 seconds in both rooms. In the large hall, we installed 3 white COUSTceilings (acoustic ceiling panels) and, at the front porch we determined one COUSTpanel (acoustic panel) would be sufficient to solve the problem. This panel was adorned with a printed image of Bangkok. In this particular area, a total of 22 m² of our acoustic material was necessary. At the back porch, we installed an COUSTwall of 16,5 m² with a printed image in which we integrated the large glass doors in a beautiful way. 

I was already pleased with your employees who executed the works, and now it turns out as well that the acoustics are pleasant on busy days. I've even received praise from our clients, telling us that they can now linger here comfortably.

Dirk Van De Vreede - Restaurant Vreedehof (EN: Restaurant Peace Garden)


The COUSTwall with the printed image at the back porch is the absolute eye catcher of the establishment. People will not only experience the relaxing atmosphere of the forest outside, but also inside, when they look at the restaurant. The seamless COUSTceilings in the large dining room are perfectly integrated into the existing interior and the skyline of Bangkok is a nice allusion to the Thai dishes on the menu. In short: a magnificent incorporation of our high-quality products into the existing setting.

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