The problem

Nature reserve “Gerhagen” in Tessenderlo was the first area in Flanders to be promoted with the Flemish quality label “Stiltegebied (EN: Silent area)”. Such an area should be protected, because of the silence and quiet that prevail there. ‘Silent’ doesn’t have the regular connotation here of the absence of sound, but instead the present sounds create a harmonious balance. In other words, an area with good acoustics.

In this peaceful environment, Petra Volders runs the “Brasserie – Hotel Eikelhof (EN: Restaurant - Acorn Yard”). Lots of nature enthusiasts can enjoy a nice meal or have a relaxing visit to the hotel or wellness. When the proprietor Petra decided to brighten up her establishment last year, she made the smart choice to address the acoustics in her dining room. The establishment had been very busy throughout the entire year. But both the employees as well as the guests were getting tired of the persistent noise. In the context of a “Stiltegebied”, the persistent noise had to be ‘silenced’ in order for the restaurant to become a place of peace and quiet.  

Our solution

In the room of approximately 1600 m³, we recorded a reverberation time of 1,4 seconds. Due to the considerable dimensions, we proposed to aim for a reverberation time of 0,9 seconds. To achieve this objective, we had to strategically distribute 104 m² of our panels from our COUST-assortment throughout the room.

We installed an COUSTceiling with a length of 22 metres (!), centrally covering the entire length of the dining room. At the sides of the dining room, several COUSTceilings were installed with the necessary modifications for electric cables to be put through in order to incorporate the lighting into our product. The client opted to have an COUSTwall with a colourful printed image installed at the play corner, and a large COUSTwall with the necessary modifications for lamps was installed above the bench. An COUSTpanel with a printed image completed our involvement.


The establishment would only be closed for a week, the painting and the acoustic adaptations had to be accomplished within this time frame. Due to the smooth cooperation alongside the other contractors, we provided our client with timely completion and with a marvellous result: a new “Stiltegebied” with good acoustics. And consequentially: very pleased clients.

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