Le monde est petit

Le monde est petit

The problem

“Le monde est petit" - “ENG: the world is small”: this concept is illustrated in this large restaurant in Braine l’Alleud. The buffet with dishes from around the world has something for everyone. The success of this formula is evident, since more than 300 plates are emptied both throughout the week as well as during the weekend. The dining room bustles with activity, creating a lot of noise. COUST was asked to deal with the acoustics in the large dining room and in one of the smaller rooms where private parties are held.

Our solution

In the large hall we had to face a lot of challenges: many obstacles on the ceiling (lighting, sound installation, ventilation, etc.), suspended canopy roof, a large ‘barrel’ in the middle of the dining room, etc. However, we had no problem to overcome these challenges. We installed 160 m² of our acoustic material in total, distributed over several COUSTceilings throughout the entire room. Everything was carefully studied and thought out, such as the panels being installed perfectly in line with the existing lighting and canopies. At the request of the client, two of the ceiling panels were finished with printed images of several countries, referring to the world cuisine. In the separate room, we took away the reverberation by means of 6 large wall panels with printed images (COUSTpanels) in black and white.


We installed only on Monday (closing day) at the request of the client in order not to inconvenience his customers. Right now, the restaurant is finally equipped to offer its 300 customers not only delicious exotic dishes, but also the peace and quiet to enjoy these fully.

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