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The problem

“’The Life’, enjoy it for a while”, a motto selected with care by Kelly Vermeeren and Kris Vissers of ‘The Life’. The enjoyment of their customers is central to their philosophy. For a good year, this enterprising couple have run this cosy bistro with a lot of passion for their profession and their customers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they reached out to COUST quickly after their opening, in order to improve the acoustics of their establishment. Enjoyment is after all difficult in a room with too much noise and reverberation.

Our solution

Our expert visited ‘The Life’ to measure the reverberation time. The result? A reverberation time of 1,3 seconds. Not exceptionally high, but there is definitely room for improvement. We offered detailed advice about the various possibilities that are available to carry out this improvement. They showed a lot of interest and paid a lot of attention to our working method and products. Together, we came up with the ideal solution.


At the front of the restaurant, we installed a ceiling panel (COUSTceiling) on the slightly sloping ceiling, with a couple of built-in modifications for the lighting. The pure white canvas of the ceiling panel ensures a smooth integration of our product into the room. In the rear part of the dining room, the client opted for a large COUSTwall with a printed image above the large bench. The colourful image was selected with care to preserve the intended atmosphere. It should be said that this cooperation yielded an excellent result: the acoustic and aesthetic aspect have been combined cleverly, forming a marvellous solution from COUST.

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