The problem

Already for 50 (!) years, the restaurant Lukemieke serves “natural comfort food” as a vegetarian lunch, dinner or takeaway, in the heart of Louvain, right next to the city park. Approximately 80 guests are welcomed in the spacious but cosy middle-class house or on the green roof terrace with lush wisteria. A few years ago, Sofie and Sarah Doumen, the daughters of the owner Miriam Bruggeman, wanted to ensure that the emphasis remained on the delicious food and therefore, they decided to improve the acoustics in the property. The high ceilings in combination with the antique tiled floor and the absence of curtains caused very irritating reverberations and so poor acoustics.

Our solution

Our expert measured the reverberation time on the spot and determined that 12,5 m² of our acoustic material would be necessary to dispose of any reverberation in both the large hall as well as the smaller one. The client opted to have 7 wall panels (COUSTpanels) with printed images installed. Five were placed in the large hall: one of them above the passageway between the two halls. The other four panels were fitted to the free walls next to the dining tables. In the smaller hall, two smaller COUSTpanels were installed.


The client took advantage of the opportunity to influence the atmosphere in the restaurant for the better by opting to use our COUSTpanels as design elements. We adorned our panels with high-quality, artistic images of vegetables that are often used in the establishment to prepare fresh meals. We always work with images in sublimation printing, this method of printing enables printed images to have pin-sharp quality regardless of its dimensions. Not only the owners, but the customers as well can now eat and chat completely at ease in a magnificent setting with a pleasant atmosphere.

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