Residential care facility Saint-Joseph

Residential care facility Saint-Joseph

The problem

The old chapel in the care centre Maison Saint-Joseph has beautiful, authentic vaults and leaded glass windows. The commonly disadvantageous church acoustics with a very high reverberation time were present here and this made it impossible to organize film nights in this building. To attain the quiet ambiance of a cinema, we needed to reduce the level of reverberation.

Our solution

In churches and seminar rooms, we prefer to install our sound-absorbing material on the ceiling and the walls in the back. This way, the source sound can definitely be heard once, but it cannot be reflected.

After our acoustic survey and in consultation with mr. Vellemans, we fitted 6 large ARTbaffles to the ceiling, in line with the present lights. To this end, we made use of a material lift low in weight in order to avoid damaging the fragile floor. It took some serious knowhow at a height of 7 metres; hence we take pride in the result. We installed some ARTpanels at the back of the hall, a large ARTwall on the balcony at the front and 5 mobile ARTscreens (partition walls). The 8 ARTwalls in the alcoves on either side of the hall completed our objective.

The level of reverberation has diminished significantly. We can hear it. I’m waiting for the next film screening in order to determine the benefits of the changes. Aesthetically speaking, the result is perfect as well as relatively discreet. The work was executed neatly and quickly.

Wim Vellemans – Director Maison Saint Joseph ACIS ASBL


We halved the deafening reverberation time of over 3 seconds with our solution, and we turned the chapel into a place with a more subdued atmosphere, the perfect setting to watch a film. 

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