Private client Indoor Pool

Private client Indoor Pool

The problem

After a busy day, an indoor pool is the ideal setting for a bit of rest and relaxation. At least: in the event of good acoustics. However, the presence of reverberation is a typical problem of indoor pools. The presence of lots of hard materials (tiling) and the water surface being as smooth as glass are both factors that cause massive sound reflections in the room.

Construction company Zeegers contacted us to deal with such an acoustic problem at a private residence. This private client’s indoor pool had lots of glass walls and high ceilings, where sound could reflect without obstruction and this created a high level of reverberation.

Our solution

The client didn’t just want high-quality acoustic products, but our panels also had to offer an added aesthetic value to the entire room. COUST is the place to be for such a request. We don’t only take pride selling the best acoustic materials, but also in always integrating our products as much as possible into the existing room. We chose to accomplish this task by installing a triptych of COUSTwalls, beautifully built into the wall.


We installed 3 COUSTwalls of 200 by 300 cm in order to obtain a total area of 18 m² of our absorbing materials. The COUSTwalls were neatly built into the wall and protrude approx. 1 cm, this ensures a sleek and complete result. The installation was implemented in 2 stages: firstly, the profiles were assembled, and secondly after its completion, the sound-absorbing filling was placed therein, and the printed images were seamlessly and evenly stretched out on top of the acoustic core. The COUSTwalls provide a true eye-catcher in this beautiful indoor pool, where rest and relaxation prevail.  

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