PC Caritas/Karus (1)

PC Caritas/Karus (1)

The problem

The people of the psychiatric centre Caritas (now Karus) in Melle have an eye for detail and art. At the Venice Biennale, they rightly won the Silver Lion for the original way in which they renovated the aged Sint-Jozefsbuilding. But not only for this project was “only the best good enough” for the new office buildings of Caritas this was also the case: a nice finish, lots of glass areas, a lot of natural light coming into the room, but, unfortunately, poor acoustics.  

Our solution

COUST was asked to do a test in a meeting room with an extremely high level of reverberation. We hung a beautiful COUSTpanel on the wall and the reverberation disappeared. The design studio provided us with a couple of stunning printed images, by using these, the only possible description for the result out of an acoustic and aesthetic perspective is an instant success. Due to this remarkable result, we were challenged to restore peace and quiet to the admission desk and the administrative department.

We installed a beautiful wall panel (COUSTpanel) at the admission desk. Our premium desk screens (COUSTdeskscreens), that reduce the sound of 4 people to 1 (= reduction of 10 dB), were installed in the administrative department. To conclude, a couple of large COUSTwalls were fitted to the wall in between the windows (wall covering from wall to wall).


The results didn’t leave any doubt: our acoustic solutions work as promised! Out of an aesthetic perspective, our products also offer an added value to the room. Our approach concerning the admission desk and the administrative department was welcomed with a lot of positive feedback. A third challenge (dealing with the VIP-room) followed in the same year. Hence, a very pleased client.

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