Medical practice Loppem

Medical practice Loppem

The problem

This group practice is located on the Steenbrugsestraat in Loppem (borough of Zedelgem). Doctors of different medical fields work together in a magnificent new building. Before our involvement, however, the harmony was disturbed by poor acoustics in the cabinets and the waiting room. COUST with the ‘remedy’!

In the cabinets themselves, the volume of the consultations was amplified by the hard materials and the minimal absorption. Hence, an uncomfortable situation, since it was not easy to conduct a confidential conversation. In addition, the activity in the play corner of the waiting room created sounds that reverberated throughout the entire building, the sound waves even reaching the cabinets themselves. A magnificent building with a classy design, however it didn’t realize its full potential… We knew what we had to accomplish.

Our solution

We measured the reverberation time in all five cabinets and the waiting room. Every room required its own ‘treatment’ and detailed price quotation. After obtaining permission, we proceeded with our plan. In the waiting room, we installed some COUSTceilings (ceiling panels) above the play corner, the sitting room and the hallway. All cabinets were fitted with an COUSTceiling above the desk to absorb the noise as close to its source as possible. During installation, the cables of the hanging lighting were neatly put through our panels each time, and the panels themselves were perfectly crafted. We added an COUSTpanel with a beautiful printed image in one of the cabinets.


COUST delivered the promised results as always. Currently, both the patients as well as the doctors can have a confidential conversation focusing on the patient’s recovery, due to the pleasant atmosphere.

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