Medical practice Deinze

Medical practice Deinze

The problem

A while back, GP’s Johan De Jaeger and his son Cédric turned this house in the city of Deinze in partnership with project designer De Moor into a magnificent medical practice. The minimalist interior was given a finishing with beautiful, genuine materials, many of which were hard surfaces. As a result, the acoustics inside the building were terrible. Both at the reception, in the waiting room and in the examination rooms, conversations echoed through the entire room. A solution was needed. Hence, and with good reason, the doctors called for help. Patrick De Moor contacted COUST to solve the problem.

Our solution

In the reception room, we installed a ceiling panel (COUSTceiling), perfectly aligned with the reception desk. On the wall behind the chairs in the waiting room, we hung two wall panels (COUSTpanels), in plain white to preserve the effect of the minimalist interior.  These COUSTpanels absorb the sound right at its source, preventing the sound waves of reverberating in the room and creating an annoying echo. As a result, waiting room conversations are now no longer audible in the examination rooms.

We then optimised the acoustics in the three examination rooms by installing COUSTceilings above the desks and examination tables. As a matter of course, the dimensions and positioning of the COUSTceilings were adapted to each room, both in terms of aesthetics and acoustics.


In this medical practice, both patients and doctors can now breathe freely again. Confidential conversations are no longer audible to just anyone, making people feel more at ease. Therefore, our customers were very happy with the result.

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