Medical practice De Schorre

Medical practice De Schorre

The problem

Doctors Elie Vromman and Stephan Gossiaux rebuilt the entire residence into a nice, sleek medical practice ‘De Schorre’. However, the presence of large glass areas and smooth materials in the practice’s minimalistic design produced very irritating reverberations in the waiting room as well as in the consultation area. Keeping in mind the privacy legislation, it’s totally unacceptable that the confidential conversation between doctor and patient can be overheard due to the sound lingering too long in the room. Fortunately, COUST is there to remedy the situation.

The measured reverberation time wasn’t extremely high: approximately 1,2 seconds. To make a significant acoustic difference, we decided to reduce this reverberation time to 0,7 seconds (instead of the calculated 0,8 seconds). The tranquillity and privacy in the practice would be noticeably improved this way.

Our solution

The waiting room wasn’t just completely surrounded by glass walls, the reception desk itself was located behind a glass partition wall. Since glass areas accelerate sound waves greatly, this had a very negative impact on the acoustics. We installed two ARTceilings (ceiling panels) in front of the reception desk and above the chairs, amounting to 8 m² of our acoustic material. The consultation area required the same amount of acoustic material, but this time we only installed one ARTceiling of 8 m².


The seamless, sleek design of our ARTceilings is a perfect fit for the style that our clients wanted their practice to have. Both the profiles as well as the fabrics are fully integrated into the interior. However, they are more than that: they are an interesting design element as well. Finally, confidential conversations in a classy setting.

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