Dental practice Gaaf

Dental practice Gaaf

The problem

A medical practice is normally very clinically equipped, i.e. a lot of smooth surfaces that can be easily cleaned. For this reason, a minimalistic design is necessary as well. The absence of noise-dampening and sound-absorbing materials (such as wood or fabric) is not compatible with the piercing sounds originating from a dentist’s mechanical instruments. A deafening noise and poor intelligibility between the patient and dentist are results of such a minimalistic design.

Our solution

We visited An De Smet – Vandamme en Natasja Paesschierssens’ dental practice Gaaf!. The aforementioned problem was prevalent in two practice areas and this had to be resolved. Our trained professional on-site advised to absorb the sound as close to the source as possible, by letting us install ceiling panels upon which the lights could be installed again after our work is done, above the dental chair. 


We installed a custom made COUSTceiling (ceiling panel) of 200 cm by 300 cm with some cables for the lighting being put through in every practice area. Afterwards, the big round lamps could be easily refitted to the ceiling. Due to the high absorption rate of our panels, both the piercing sounds as well as the low-pitched sounds were eliminated. This way, the accumulation of decibels is halted, and nobody needs to raise his/her voice in order to be understood. A more comfortable setting for someone to take of look at your teeth, and such a setting definitely lessens the stress some people endure during a visit to the dentist.

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