Institute of Churches Ommoord

Institute of Churches Ommoord

The problem

Modern church buildings can be troubled by reverberation just the same as old church buildings with high vaults. In some rooms of the Stichting Kerken Ommoord (EN: Institute of Churches in Ommoord), a church and meditation centre combined into one, a very high reverberation time was measured. After our visit for this measurement, we made some proposals for the quiet room and the Maria chapel, equally paying attention to the acoustics as well as to the aesthetic execution of the solution.  

Our solution

The quiet room has a cylindrical shape of 10 meters in height, wherein sound is reflected upwards, bouncing from side to side like a ping pong ball. We installed approximately 36 m² of our acoustic material, distributed over two smaller COUSTpanels and 7 larger COUSTpanels of 120 cm by 400 cm with a continuous printed image. We secured these at several heights, creating a playful balance.   

The Maria chapel didn’t need as much acoustic material. The installation of 20 m², distributed over 6 COUSTpanels with different dimensions, was more than sufficient to solve the acoustic problem.


The Institute of Churches was so very pleased with our solution, that they mentioned them in their magazine and on their website.

Image: detailed reproduction from a painting of our Incatro-colleague Ralph Huyskens

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