Visual and acoustic room divider

The COUSTbreeze improves acoustics by absorbing reverberations and unwanted noise. This way, it enhances the speech privacy and concentration of employees in open-plan offices.

Maximum sound absorption is ensured by the unique high-density acoustic filling of the COUSTbreeze. For this reason, it is the top-of-the-line acoustic room divider on the market.

Efficient room dividing with the COUSTbreeze

The COUSTbreeze is a visual room divider with a high absorption capacity. It is composed of separate panels joined together by adjustable steel cables. Installing the COUSTbreeze above office cupboards can be an effective yet light solution for reducing disturbing noise at the office.

Because of their low weight, the panels can also be fastened to suspended ceilings.

Product specifications
Technical properties
COUSTbreeze COUSTbreeze COUSTbreeze COUSTbreeze

Product specifications

Acoustic properties (core)

Thickness 50 mm

  • An acoustic core 50 mm thick is required for damping down basstones and reducing the number of decibels

Density 80 kg/m³

  • High density = lots of mass
  • High density + thickness = our products are able to reduce all human sound frequencies by 100%


Aluminium frame

  • Sturdy profiles of our own design
  • 52 mm thick
  • Powder-lacquered and so scratch-free
  • Three colours available: RAL 9010 (warm white), RAL 9016 (traffic white) RAL 9006 (aluminium grey)


  • Covers can be stretched tight
  • Covers are replaceable


  • Covers the acoustic filling
  • Provides a smooth, even effect
  • Trevira CS quality

Tensioning fabric in Trevira CS

  • Stable branded fibre
  • 100% polyester
  • Flame-retardant
  • Not affected by variations in temperature humidity: cover remains stretched flat

Sublimation print

  • Razor-sharp prints
  • Longer colour fastness
  • Cover remains acoustically open (as opposed to inkjet print)

Technical properties

Acoustic value

NRC 0.95; α value 1

Fire class

Filling A1, canvas B-s1-d1



Acoustic filling

Mix of stone wool and glass wool


52 mm


100% polyester (Trevira CS)

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