Soundleaves FLOOR

Design on the floor

Our Soundleaves series have a versatile and whimsical design, combined with maximum sound absorption. Disruptive sounds take their leave, disappearing like snow in the sun.

A whimsical partition wall in the workspace with a Soundleaves Floor-element

The FLOOR-element is part of our Soundleaves series. Just like our other products, our Soundleaves are located at the top of the market by a substantial margin both acoustically as well as aesthetically speaking.

The FLOOR-element exists in two versions: a height of 150 cm or 180 cm. The two versions have a double-sided design with built-in noise-cancelling to attain the optimum results. By means of the FLOOR-element, you will create a quiet workspace in an open place, and you will provide an acoustic partition in between the separate desk islands. They stand on a flat base on the ground.

For more information about our FLOOR, but also AIR, DESK and WALL elements of the Soundleaves series, browse our website


Soundleaves DESK Soundleaves DESK Soundleaves DESK Soundleaves DESK Soundleaves DESK

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