Villa Paradis

Villa Paradis

The problem

This luxurious coastal villa for 16 people is located at only 50 meters of the coast of Oostduinkerke. One can enjoy the comforts of the terrace, bowling alley, sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, and the indoor pool. An oasis of peace and relaxation for friends and family. Nonetheless our expert was asked to measure the reverberation time of the indoor pool, where it was very unpleasant to linger due to the hard sounds. And rightly so: an exceptionally high reverberation time of 3,1 seconds was measured. 

Our solution

The use of a lot of hard materials in combination with the glass-smooth and non-porous surface (the water) causes the indoor pool to sound cold, as is the case in many indoor pools. Add to that the happy shouts of children at play and you get an infernal noise. In agreement with the client, it was decided to aim for a reverberation time of 1,2 seconds, a pleasant reverberation time for an indoor pool. To obtain this result, we had to install 19,5 m² of our highly sound-absorbing products.


We fitted an acoustic ceiling panel (COUSTceiling) of 12 meters long to the side of swimming pool, as an inconspicuous absorbing element. However, an image of Vanessa Paradis (given the name of this villa) couldn’t be missing. Hence, on a sidewall, an acoustic wall panel (COUSTwall), adorned with a magnificent image in sublimation printing, was installed. The owner was very pleased with the acoustic result and is now able to rent out this beautiful property truly as an oasis of peace.

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