Residential care facility Sint-Jozef

Residential care facility Sint-Jozef

The problem

Taking part in the activities is very important for the residents of a residential care facility. It keeps them active and it makes them feel good. However, the setting has to be optimal in order to accomplish these objectives. In Oostkamp, the multi-purpose hall of the care centre Sint-Jozef was not equipped optimally. Previous efforts of the director Frank Declerck, such as the nice cafeteria in a bistro atmosphere and the presence of a few cosy sitting areas required a finishing touch, namely optimum acoustics. Our expert recorded a truly terrible reverberation time, measuring up to 3 seconds. When every sound lingers in a room for such a long time, organising activities will be an impossible task.

Our solution

Due to the dimensions of the room, it was decided to go for a reverberation time of 1 second in mutual agreement with the client. We accomplished this by installing two large COUSTceilings (ceiling panels) with a length of 16 metres. These seamless ceiling panels are an important asset of COUST: our COUSTceilings are assembled on the spot in one piece, this way it isn’t necessary to install dozens of smaller ceiling panels.


The COUSTceilings were magnificently installed, parallel to the lighting rails. This enhances the sleek design of the multi-purpose hall on top of the enormous acoustic improvement. We took care of another acoustic problem in the living room by installing a couple of wall panels (COUSTpanels) with a plain canvas in the same colour shades as the furniture. We can be certain now, that the residents and staff of this care centre can fully enjoy the activities in the multi-purpose hall. In short: a satisfied client yet again!

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