PC Caritas/Karus (2)

PC Caritas/Karus (2)

The problem

The main focus of the psychiatric centre is placed on quality. This is illustrated by among others their superbly finished buildings. After 2 successful projects (see Caritas/Karus 1), we were faced with a new challenge: dealing with the VIP-room: a room with an enormous glass area, shaped as half a circle. This prime example of architecture causes a lot of natural light to enter the room, but at the same time a lot of reverberation is created in such a room. Having a meeting in this room was made very unpleasant by the level of reverberation.

Our solution

We calculated the necessary amount of our acoustic materials in m²and devised a plan. The various spots, lights and other ceiling fixtures didn’t pose a problem. We installed a large ceiling panel (COUSTceiling) above the meeting table and integrated the necessary modifications of putting the electricity through for the lighting into our product. These modifications were perfectly centralized in our ceiling panel, allowing it to still have a seamless look

Alongside the graphic design studio, we produced 2 remarkable COUSTwalls (wall panels), that were fastened above and below the wall shelves. Due to an optical illusion, these COUSTwalls seem to overlap, becoming a whole. A nice visual bonus for the client, but especially much better acoustics.   


With Caritas, we have a nice and pleased client in our portfolio. We are very proud that Caritas opted for our high-quality acoustic products to optimize the acoustics in their buildings. We will happily come back!

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