APG Amstelveen (NL)

APG Amstelveen (NL)

The problem

Creating good intelligibility in challenging circumstances, as is the case in churches, is our job and we face these challenges head on. The project for the ‘Apostolisch Genootschap’ provided us with the opportunity to prove ourselves in such challenging circumstances by allowing us to tackle the problem of poor intelligibility.                                                                                                                             Terrena Architecten brought this project to our attention. We had to improve the acoustics at the reception desk and at the cloakroom of the APG in Amstelveen.

Our solution

We decided to install 3 acoustic ceilings panels (COUSTceilings), with 14,5 m² of our high-quality absorbing material in total. The biggest challenge in this project was the incorporation of several cut-outs, needed for the lighting. Fortunately, we are qualified to create such cut-outs for lighting, smoke detectors, sockets, windows, doors etc., due to our approach and our professional experts.  


After 12 hours, our assembly crew had installed 3 magnificent, seamless ceiling panels with the necessary modifications. We were able to restore peace and quiet to the room, without irritating reverberations. The client couldn’t be anything else but pleased with the result.

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