Great news! Incatro Belgium has become COUST acoustics

Great news! Incatro Belgium has become COUST acoustics

It is with great pride that we can tell you that Incatro BV (BE) recently became 100% Belgian-owned (previously 70%). This is because at the end of 2019, we acquired the minority shareholding of Incatro BV (NL).

And that’s not all!We are also taking advantage of this opportunity to change our trading name to COUST acoustics.

As part of the word ‘aCOUSTics’, we felt the trading name of COUST(which in Dutch is a homonym of the word meaning “Shush!” – i.e. quiet) was more appropriate for the sound-absorption market. Our new name also fits perfectly with our aim: to create a pleasant living and working environment for everyone.

Just as before, our name remains synonymous with high-quality acoustic solutions and superior finish. Also as before, we will continue to steer the same course, offering the same superior products and working with the same team. Only one thing will change: we’ll be even more enthusiastic about the way we work! 

Want to find out more about our solutions for reverberations, noise and disruptive sound? Then take a look at our solutions here: wall panels, ceiling panels, desk screens, partition walls, soundleaves.

Looking for information about your specific situation? Take a look here at what we can do for you. And, for inspiration, visit our projects page.

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