What can I do to stop sounds reverberating in my home? Find out how to improve your acoustics.

What can I do to stop sounds reverberating in my home? Find out how to improve your acoustics.

You would undoubtedly have imagined things differently when you moved to your newly built home: that open-plan living space, with somewhere comfy to sit, a great dining area and ideal kitchen that make the heart of the home. It should be somewhere you can get together with the whole family and yet still enable each one of you to do your own thing. Sleek, modern interior design, big windows with a view of the garden – and so on. To sum up, this should be your dream home.

But how differently things can turn out! It soon turns out that you have an unwanted guest you hadn’t expected or invited: disruptive sound reverberations that upset your daily life and adversely affect everything you do. Chatting, cooking, doing housework, watching TV, playing games, etc. Unfortunately, what should be a multifunctional space for everyone, can only be used for a single activity at a time because of the noise generated. And if there’s too much is going on at the same time, then there’s no way of escaping the noise. So what now?                                                                                                      

The cause of sound reverberations

Reverberations are caused when sound waves bounce off hard surfaces, such as walls, ceilings and floors. Ceramic tiles, concrete, steel and glass, as well as plastered walls are all hard materials and do not absorb sound as a result. And in spaces with minimalistic designs, sounds are completely free to do what they want, because there’s nothing standing in the way to stop the sounds as they travel. So, instead, the noises just keep on bouncing between different hard surfaces.

How do you reduce reverberations without spoiling your interior?

To absorb sound waves, you need soft materials that don’t reflect the sound. So you might consider installing thick curtains or a lush pile carpet or rug and chairs, as well as sofas upholstered with fabric. Decorations and pictures on the walls, plus plants and books, also break up sounds and help to dampen unwanted noise. But even so, the result of all these ‘solutions’ is still usually insufficient. 

Luckily, COUST is able to offer you a better way of improving the acoustics in your home:  our stylish acoustic solutions adapt to your interior – and not the other way round. These solutions are all tailored to your wishes and personal taste. They are also produced using the very best materials: an aluminium frame with a highly absorbent acoustic core (soft material). And, finally, they are finished with a high-quality print or plain cloth cover.

Our solutions for reverberations in your home 

The COUSTceiling panel delivers effective sound absorption above your dining table, sitting area or kitchen. Down-lighters, smoke detectors and so on can all be incorporated into these ceiling panels with ease. And if you are looking for a real eye-catcher in your home, you could opt for the COUSTpanel wall panel, featuring a print or a plain fabric finish, as you prefer. Or maybe you’d like a large-format wall panel, or something discreet and extremely inconspicuous? Whatever your needs, we’ll be happy to install our lovely COUSTwall covering in your home. Each one comes complete with cut-outs for windows and doors, switches and power sockets.

Are you looking for the best way to finally make your dream home truly cosy and inviting? Then get in touch with us for a no-obligation appraisal of your needs, using the contact form and sending it to info@coust.com or by calling us on 09 296 46 10.

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