Incatro becomes 100% Belgian and continues on its way as COUST acoustics

Incatro becomes 100% Belgian and continues on its way as COUST acoustics

Incatro BV is well known as a specialist in room acoustics, with a product range that leaves the competition behind, both acoustically and in terms of good looks and aesthetics. The company provides solutions for the issues of reverberations, noise and unwanted disruptive sounds in offices, homes, restaurants, care centres and other applications.

At the end of 2019, the minority shareholding of Incatro Room Acoustics BV (NL) in Incatro BV (BE) was acquired by the main shareholder, Sophie Vandekerckhove. This means that Incatro BV is now 100% Belgian-owned.

The company has also taken advantage of the opportunity to change its trading name to COUST acoustics. As part of the word ‘aCOUSTics’, they felt the trading name of COUST(which in Dutch is a homonym of the word meaning “Shush!” – i.e. quiet) was more appropriate for the sound-absorption market. The new trading name and logo will be introduced from February 5, 2020.

COUST acoustics remains true to the policy it has always implemented – i.e. providing top-quality products, professional installation and support and guidance from A to Z. The company’s aim is to create a pleasant living and working environment for everyone. Also vitally important is respect for customers, employees, suppliers and the environment.

Footnote: the Dutch company, Incatro Room Acoustics BV, in Roermond (NL) continues to exist and serves the Dutch and German markets. The Belgian company, Incatro BV (Belgium), operating under the trading name of COUST acoustics, serves the Belgian and French markets. However, both companies will continue to work closely together in the future and exchange know-how.

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